Adding your volunteering opportunities on Made Open

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Community groups and Organisations using an MO platform can quickly share their volunteering roles via their profile. Users can search these opportunities by interest, location and skill to find the perfect match.

Watch this short video to learn more about this feature and how it could be useful for you. Below we will quickly run through adding your volunteering opportunities to the site.

Follow these written instructions to quickly link an existing list of opportunities to your profile or create a new list from scratch. Prefer to watch a tutorial video? View here

Adding opportunities to an existing group profile:

  • Log into Made Open.
  • Navigate to the group you wish to add your opportunities too (go to your profile and select ‘Groups’ or use the drop down in the left hand menu)
  • Click edit profile
  • Scroll down to ‘Volunteering and check the option “Yes we will be looking for volunteers”
  • Next, under Opportunities click to “Link to a list of opportunities on my site or another” or “create a list of opportunities in your group”.

Note: Linking to a list will give you the option to paste in a link to another website that lists your opportunities already e.g. your “”. Choosing to create a list will create a new tab in your group profile called volunteers where you can add a list of your opportunities.

  • If you are linking to a list simply paste in the URL making sure you include the ‘http://’ prefix. If you choose to create a list simply move on to the next step.
  • Under ’Skills’ you need to add all the types of skills that relate to your current volunteering roles. Adding your skills here will help people with those skills match with your profile. Simply start typing the skill in the text field and select from the suggestions that appear or click to add the new skill.
  • Once you have added your skills scroll down to the bottom and click save.

If you are linking to a list on another site, that’s it, you all are all done. Your profile will now appear in the community section as ‘Looking for volunteers’ with a link to view your volunteering opportunities, people looking to volunteer can also search for groups by interest and skills to find your group.

If you choose to add your opportunities as a list you have a few final steps to complete:

  • Navigate to the new ‘Volunteer’ tab in your group profile. Volunteer opportunities are added to lists, lists can be a way of categorising your opportunities, you may choose to create a few lists i.e. a list for long term positions, a list for short term positions or lists by type of volunteering activities. It’s up to you.
  • Click to add a new list and give it a title e.g. ‘Current volunteering opportunities’ and start adding your roles. The each role can have a title and a short description.
  • Once you are happy with your tasks click save.

That it you are all done.

As you need to add new volunteering roles don’t forget to update the skills section so people with those skills can find your opportunities.