Creating your project video

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Videos are a great resource to help people understand your project and encourage pledges to them.

As a new platform, we don’t have any data yet on how much of a difference a video has on project success. However, looking at Kickstarter, they have evidenced that users with a video have a 66% higher chance of being funded. That’s huge!

In this blog we look at a few simple techniques for creating a great project video, and have suggested some useful online resources. Here are a few useful pointers to get you started:

Do your Research:

Look at successful projects and see what they have done. You can find some great examples of pitch videos online, here are some of our favourites: example one, example two, example three.

Keep it short:

People have a short attention span and might have watched 3 or 4 videos before yours, make sure they get the information they need quickly before they move on.

Be personable:

Ask people directly for their support (at the end of the video) and offer a sincere thank you.

Tell them about you:

Your aim is to get them to share your dream and have faith in your ability to deliver that dream. Give them a bit of background about you and why you believe in this cause.

Tell a story:

People enjoy being taken on a journey. It’s a tough balancing act to keep videos short and sweet whilst telling a story people can relate to, but that’s what the best videos do.

Test your message:

Test your script on someone that knows nothing about your project. Have you given them enough information to pledge to it?

Spell it out:

Be clear about exactly what you need people to do and why. Don’t leave any room for assumptions or confusion.

Resources for creating videos:

Now not everyone has access to fancy camera equipment or editing software but there are plenty of free resources out there to help you create a great video with very little, if any, budget:

Adobe Voice:

The iPad app allows you to make a great looking video for free. All you need to do is record a voice over, choose from thousands of images to create a great looking animation. Oh, did we mention that it’s free?

Free video editing software:

There are plenty of free and simple-to-use video editors out there. Chances are you have one already on your phone or laptop but, if not, here are a few free editors worth a look:

Royalty free music sites:

Music isn’t a must, but it can make your audience feel something whilst they are watching your video. Here are a few places to find royalty free music and sounds:

Sites for stock photos:

Still images can also be used to tell a story whilst someone is talking. Here are some useful sites for free images (make sure to read up on copyright).

Voice Overs and sound effects:

We aren’t all blessed with voices suitable for voice overs (I know I’m not), and not everyone is comfortable with it either. Here are some handy sites for finding great voiceover artists:

I hope this has given you food for thought. With the popularity of crowdfunding in the last few years there is plenty of information on the web about creating great pitch videos. Here are a few good links for further reading, and good luck!