Future developments

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Since we launched back in December, the development team at Made Open haven’t stopped working on the system. We’ve been finding and fixing bugs and making continuous improvements to the site. We’ve also been busy planning the next set features which we hope will make Made Open even better. Here’s your chance to see what we’ve got planned for 2015 and have your say too.

Planned new features (coming soon):

These are the features we will be working on next, we’ve already planned how they will work, we just need to start building and testing:

Groups | We are really excited about this feature, users will be able to set up a group for others to join, have a private space for conversations and ideas sharing, invite other users to be members as well as a public profile to showcase your group to the world.

Advanced email notifications | We currently have basic notifications set up, but we are planning extend these and to include weekly digests to give users a quick progress overview of their project or conversation activity. We also will be highlighting exciting new projects that we think people will love based on what they tell us they want to see.

Clickable skills & interests | Currently user profiles show their skills and interests, however, to help users find and connect with like minded people, we are making these elements interactive so you can discover others with similar interests. ie: show me all the people with “web design” skills or all the people who are interested in “sport”.

Whitelabel work & Bespoke development

We’ve also been working hard to make it easy for businesses, charities or Government organisations to “Whitelabel” Made Open. A simple content management system will enable clients to set up their site and customise website templates with their own colours, logo, home & about page content. Clients can also edit themes, pre-populate the community skills database, set up Stripe for crowdfunding payments and set up email notifications.

We will soon be announcing  some exciting new  features for a Made Open client who will be using the system to communicate with 2000+ staff, encourage ideas to flourish and projects to grow across the organisation. If you’d be interested in having your own customised, branded version of Made Open with bespoke features – get in touch by email or calling us on 01326 259986 and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Future developments

These are features we are planning to add in the future in no particular order:

  • Activity map
  • Sign up with facebook
  • Rate and share ideas
  • Project teams
  • Reward points
  • and…

you tell us what you’d like to see, rate our developments ideas and suggest your own here or get in touch on support@madeopen.co.uk