Groups on Made Open

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of groups!

Groups allow anyone on Made Open to create their own group and have private discussions amongst group members. Here, people and organisations can form new partnerships for community action and problem solving.

Groups at a glance:

  • Anyone can start a group or request to join a group.
  • Each group has a public profile including members list.
  • Any group member can start a new discussion and share their thoughts, privately.
  • Each group has a single admin who can manage the group profile, accept member requests, respond to non-member questions and more.
  • Any user can contact a group without needing to be connected.


How it works:


Setting up a group:

Starting a group is as easy as signing up to Made Open. You can either start a group through the left hand navigation (click the arrow next to your username) or do it via the ‘groups’ section in your personal profile. In either case, simply click the ‘Start a new group’ enter your group name and fill out the rest of the group details (alternatively you can choose to skip and fill in later).

When your group is live, it will appear in the Made Open community.

Getting members / Joining a group

After you’ve created your group you’ll see a pop up encouraging you to share your unique group URL with others. To join a group a person must be signed up to Made Open. Once signed up they simply visit your group profile and click ‘join group’. You then receive a request from them in your Group inbox (this is found by visiting your group page).

A member can choose to leave the group at any point. They will also be able to take part in the private group discussions and engage with other group members.

If someone is unsure about whether they wish to join a group, they can message the group admin without having to connect with them first via the group profile page.

Managing groups

Groups are managed by a single admin, only one individual can have control over a group. As an admin you have the ability to edit the group details, manage member requests and respond to non-member questions via the ‘inbox’. You can also set the level of group notifications in ‘settings’ and even close the group (done via ‘groups’ section in your personal profile).

To make it easier to navigate between your profile and the groups you are part of , we’ve updated the left hand navigation so you can easily skip between your groups and profile.

The future of groups

We think groups are a really exciting addition to the Made Open platform and we will continue to improve this new feature. New features will include:

  • Full groups integration allowing groups to start projects and questions
  • Private group projects and questions
  • Multiple admins

We also want to hear from you and your suggestions for groups. This is an early release of groups and we enjoy receiving your feedback and support. Please share your thoughts with us. If you have ideas or other feedback please email us at