How do we review projects

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All projects on Made Open get submitted for approval by our team before they appear on the website. But what exactly are we looking for and what projects do we approve?

Before I go into details, I feel that it’s necessary to say that for the majority of projects approval comes down to one simple question: ‘Is the project socially motivated?’ In other words, is its main objective to do good and help others? If your answer is yes then Made Open is the platform for you. Now to go into the details:

How approval works:

Once you submit your project a member of our team is notified and we will look through your details. We will check through the content of your project and if the project meets all our criteria (listed below), we will approve it.

Once it is approved, it will go live and you will receive and email notifying you that your project is live to the world.

We may be in touch via email (or phone if provided in the form – recommended) if we think the project isn’t quite right or Made Open. Usually it’ll be because we have a few suggestions that we think will help your project succeed.

What we do and don’t approve:

We will approve projects that:

  • Add social value to a community, group or individual
  • Present a clear goal and measurable end point
  • Present a clear explanation of how you will use pledged money, time or materials.

We will not approve:

  • Projects that offer equity, solicit loans or offer returns on investment.
  • Projects that supports action or contains language that is offensive, oppressive or aggressive to others.

We are a friendly bunch here at Made Open. We want to work with you to help make good things happen, so we will try to help wherever we can to get your project off the ground.

For more about we do and don’t allow on the website, please read our terms of acceptance.