How to create a Poll

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Creating a Poll on Made Open is a quick and easy way to understand people’s opinion. You can capture an individuals response to a question, issue, image or video.

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Setting up your first poll:

1. Find ‘Create’ > ‘Poll’
Under the main left-hand menu select ‘Create’ then choose ‘Poll’.

2. Add your question or statement
Try to keep this simple and to the point, you can go into more detail later if needed.

3. Single or multiple choice?
Choose if you want users to pick just one answer or if they can choose multiple options.

4. Add your poll options
These are the answers that a user can pick from. You can add up-to 10 options per poll.

5. Poll duration
Decide how long the poll will last. After the poll ends users will no longer be able to vote.

6. Visibility
Polls can be public (visible to everyone) or private (visible only to your choosen group)

Your poll now has everything you need to get started but if you choose you can customise your poll:

1. Add an image
This can help your poll stand out, or the poll could be on the image itself

2. Add a video
This could be used to help inform those voting, or the poll might be on the video or the content of the video. Remember if the former make it clear users should watch the video.

3. Add more information
This is your opportunity to explain more about the poll, you may use this to provide context or use it to ask the actual question, using the page title as a way to grab interest i.e. ‘Please help answer this Mental Health Poll’.

4. Add a story
This is really for polling users opinion on more content, be it multiple images or copy. You could use it to explain more about the poll or how you will use the data.

Finally you can choose to invite fellow members of Made Open, currently you can only invite those people you are already connected with, but Polls can be also easily shared via social networks.



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Managing your poll:

Once your poll is live, the clock is ticking to get as many people to respond to your poll as possible. Each poll has a unique URL which you can share easily through the social media options on the top right hand corner of each page. However you can easily copy the URL and share with friends and family yourself via email or any other messaging apps you may use.

You will be able to keep tabs on progress, you can monitor how many people are sharing and viewing your poll and even see how the results stack up as the votes come in. This is all accessible via your dashboard:

1. Login to Made Open

2. Go to your profile (click on your name or image)

3. Go to Manage activities

4. Find your poll and click ‘View statistics’

You will also be able to make any changes if you need to make any edits or (heaven forbid) notice any typos by following the same instructions but choosing ‘Edit details’ at the last step instead.



There you go. You’ve set up and managed your first poll. We’d love to hear how you got on and any suggestions for things you’d like to see.