My hopes for Made Open.

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As we’re getting closer to our go live date, a number of people are asking me what my hopes are for Made Open.

I think everyone who knows me knows that Made Open is motivated by social values, and they’re clever enough to see how it could earn revenues too. So let’s take that as read (we aim to do well by doing good) but move this conversation on a little.

I believe Martin Luther King once said, “A social movement that only moves people is merely a revolt. A social movement that changes both people and institutions is a revolution.”

What I love about this quote is the assertion that change occurs when major forces come together. And remember, people and institutions have different incentives, different pressures, different perspectives. It’s much easier to imagine institutions inflicting change upon people than creating unique partnerships with people. But they do have much in common. In my experience, institutions that understand people do better than those who don’t.

So if people, communities, public organisations and businesses came together – for example to tackle a crisis, improve a service, plug a gap, start a campaign, address a social problem, explore market opportunities – imagine what could be achieved. I believe Made Open as an enabling technology, as a practical tool for creating projects and project teams, will create a more transparent, more accountable, more unified approach to everyday life.

And there you have it. That’s what I hope to achieve. As a platform for raising money, finding volunteers and  sharing resources – Made Open is a standalone product on the market. And with only a 3% commission on crowdfunding revenues (0% commission for whitelabel platforms), Made Open will be the market leader on pricing too. But my true hope for Made Open is to achieve successful / sustainable / social  outcomes in a way that makes a positive difference to everyone involved.

The three S’s of any good project.

Regards – Robert