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Videos are a great resource to help people understand your project and encourage pledges to them. As a new platform, we don’t have any data yet on how much of a difference a video has on project success. However, looking at Kickstarter, they have evidenced that users with a video have a 66% higher chance […]


The key to Monmouthshire being a sustainable and vibrant place lies in its people and communities. Dilemmas facing public services are really dilemmas facing communities – it is residents who will live with the consequences of service retreat / withdrawal unless we can find a way of mitigating large scale funding reduction. We now understand […]


My hopes for Made Open.

November 13th, 2014 by

As we’re getting closer to our go live date, a number of people are asking me what my hopes are for Made Open. I think everyone who knows me knows that Made Open is motivated by social values, and they’re clever enough to see how it could earn revenues too. So let’s take that as […]


Made Open is a social network that will empower people, communities and organisations to work together and change the world they live in. But I was reminded yesterday of why I believe a whitelabelled Made Open platform will also be suitable for innovation with large businesses too, and so I thought I’d jot these down. […]

Made Open Monmouthshire

Back in September we launched a stripped down version of Made Open Monmouthshire, six weeks ahead of our schedule. We were nervous about releasing such an early version of the platform to the public but Monmouthshire County Council, our client, had a series of budget consultations with the local community – it seemed too good […]


Why does Made Open exist?

October 21st, 2014 by

This is my first blog in quite a while and, I must admit, asking me this question about Made Open is a bit like asking Brian the meaning of life. It’s complicated. But here are the headlines… When I was in my late teens and early twenties I was interested in what I now know […]


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