Embedding a Project or Question to your own website

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You can embed a Community Question or a Project on to your own website. All you need to do is get the embed code and insert it into your chosen page just like embedding a video from YouTube.

Embedding your project or question on a page in your wordpress site.

Watch the tutorial video here or follow the written instructions:

Step 1: Login into your wordpress admin area and find the page/post you want.
Once you have logged in and found the place you want the embedded project to appear you are going to be inserting some text code into the WYSIWYG (text) editor. If you are creating a new page/ post we suggest adding all your page content first.


Step 2: Go to the project or activity page you wish to embed and click the embed button.
Once you have clicked the embed button a pop up will appear on screen. You can choose between ‘Small Widget’ and ‘Large widget’ by clicking on the toggle. Small just means that only the basic information will appear, so is more suited to inserting into pages where you are talking in detail about the question or project. The ‘large widget’ option includes the more information section so users can find out more about the project with out needing a description on the page.


Step 3: Copy the embed code and paste it into the text editor on your wordpress page.
Copy the code in the black box,now return to wordpress and scroll down to the text editor. Before you paste int eh code make sure you the text editor is set to “text” mode and not “Visual” mode. Copy the code into the appropriate place on your page.


Step 4: Update or Publish your wordpress page/ post.
Make sure you save the change by saving the draft, publishing or updating the post.


Wahoo you should be finished. It should look something like this: